Knowledge Is Power:

Consuming a western diet for as little as one week can subtly impair brain function and encourage slim and otherwise healthy young people to overeat, scientists claim. (theguardian)

Eating a Mediterranean diet could keep the mind sharp and reduce frailty in old age, researchers have found. The traditional Mediterranean diet includes lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, and is abundant in healthy fats like olive oil. (dailymail)

There are plenty of myths surrounding a plant-based diet, but a growing body of evidence shows that vegan food can be diverse, nutrient-dense, and healthy. These are some of the most common misconceptions about a plant-based diet and vegan nutrition debunked once and for all. (livekindly)

Reducing animal product intake and following a primarily plant-based diet can decrease your risk of heart disease by minimizing the adverse effects of a gut-microbiome associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease according to research published today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. (medicalxpress)

Nutrition is one of the four elements of the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease. According to program research, the best results are obtained when participants adhere to all four treatment elements. (ornish)

New research indicates that nearly 25 percent of Americans are eating less meat than ever before. Consumers are reducing their meat consumption, embracing a flexitarian diet, and eating more plant-based foods for the sake of personal and planetary health. (livekindly)

Researchers found that both high-intensity forms of activity, such as aerobic exercise, dance, and exercise machines, and lower-intensity forms, including yoga and stretching, were linked to decreased odds of depression. (harvard)

Cancer growth can be slowed with prebiotic foods such as asparagus and onion, a study on mice suggests. Prebiotics are a group of compounds that help boost the variety of gut bacteria, and are also found in garlic, leeks and bananas. (dailymail)

In a large survey of 1.2 million Americans, researchers from Yale and Oxford universities have shown that people who exercise are markedly happier than people who don’t — even if they have less income. (thehill)

Many doctors, dieticians, and other health professionals advocate for a plant-based diet. In part, this is because of the health risks associated with animal products. There is an increasing body of evidence that links meat consumption—particularly that of red and processed meats—with chronic illness. (livekindly)

Medical group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is urging the government agency to inform users of drugs such as Viagra that artery disease is an underlying cause of erectile dysfunction and can be treated with a plant-based diet. (vegnews)

Research recently presented at an American Heart Association conference revealed that the more a woman ate after 6pm, the worse her heart health was, with a greater risk of higher blood pressure and body mass index, and poorer long-term control of blood sugar. (dailymail)

A ketogenic diet—which provides 99 percent of calories from fat and protein and only 1 percent from carbohydrates produces health benefits in the short term, but negative effects after about a week, research in mice shows. (theepochtimes)

A healthy immune system can help protect you from danger, toxins, infections, allergens, and more. Sometimes it can become overactive and attack healthy cells, leading to inflammation and chronic disease. (theepochtimes)

The benefits of being a plant-based athlete are many and include a better understanding of the body and its needs. Benefits also include improved energy levels and weight loss, increased speed, improved digestion, and faster recovery after workouts. (nakedfoodmagazine)

According to Women's Health, sweating contains a natural antibiotic called dermcidin, which can help protect you from damaging pathogens and allows you to avoid getting sick. (dailymail)

A study out of University of California, Los Angeles, discovered that high levels of sugar were shown to slow down the brain by damaging synaptic activity, resulting in an obstruction to learning and memory. (brainworldmagazine)

Eating red or processed meat twice a week raises the risk of heart disease and also of an early death of any cause, a study has suggested. (dailymail)

What you eat plays an important role in your health. A plant-based diet can help you lower your cholesterol, increase nutrient intake and lower your risk of such deadly diseases as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. (nwherald)

Eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more tea could be a fairly inexpensive and easy way for people to help stave off Alzheimer's dementia. (dailymail)

Almost ALL meals in American restaurants are bad for you as researchers warn dining out is a 'recipe for unhealthy eating'. Less than 0.1 per cent of meals eaten in American restaurants are good for you, a study has warned. (dailymail)

Twenty-three percent of Americans report eating less meat in the past year than they had previously, while only 5 percent said that eat more meat than in the past, according to a Gallup poll released on Monday. (newsmax)